Q: How do Your Food Story's collectible wooden magnets help my child?

A: Your Food Story’s collectible wooden magnets offer a simple way for your child to build their visual vocabulary of the foods we eat. A diet rich in whole, unprocessed foods will give your child the best nutritional start and better position them as they grow and develop to ultimately make healthy and conscientious choices of their own. Your Food Story’s wooden magnets help to create early familiarity and recognition of whole foods that are the foundation of a nourishing diet.


Q: What are some of the ways my family can use the magnets?

A: Your Food Story’s collectible wooden magnets are designed first and foremost as a conversation piece between you and your children about the food we eat. Use them to display the menu of the day, chart new foods tried, group foods by color, develop new flavor combinations, play 'name that food', discuss where foods come from, or wherever your imagination takes you! Check out our facebook and pinterest pages for great ideas from other families as well!


Q: What age are Your Food Story's collectible wooden magnets best for?

A: Your Food Story’s collectible wooden magnets are designed to  grow with your child. Safety rated for children 6 months and above, all children benefit from creating strong visual connections to whole foods. Younger children can point to foods, creating dialogue between parent and baby. As children develop their dexterity and coordination they can begin to manipulate the magnets on their own. Toddlers and young children especially like games, taking a more active role in their diet,  and conversations that emerge from questions and ideas about food.


Q: What are other ways I can encourage my children to have a healthy diet?

A: There is so much information on the subject of healthy eating for children that it can certainly be overwhelming! It is an evolving discussion and we are all collectively learning more and more each day. At Your Food Story we believe in simple things like going to the local farmers market or grocery shopping with your child, cooking and preparing food with your child, the power of role modeling healthy eating, listening and trusting both your child’s instincts and your own. We believe in family meals together, striving for a variety of food choices, being patient when introducing new foods, growing food together, and discovering together where our food comes from. Healthy eating and healthy habit forming take time and patience and we are here to help! Check out our blog for encouragement,  food ideas and lifestyle inspiration for your family!


Q: What other products are available from Your Food Story?

A: Your Food Story’s mission is to create simple tools that inspire healthy eating for children. Currently we offer three sets of collectible wooden magnets, First Fruits, First Vegetables, and First Grains & Legumes as well as a custom magnetic chalkboard easel. We have additional products in the pipeline so please sign up on our mailing list to follow our journey and receive special insider offers!